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Hail in Fort Worth and Arlington

If your home was affected by the hail storm this morning, here are a few tips to help prepare you for what comes next.  “The Solicitors are coming”.  Nothing draws more Door-to-Door solicitors than a hail storm.  If you prefer

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How Do I stop all the solicitors and roofers knocking at my door?

  If you live in Decatur, TX, you might be getting overwhelmed with roofers at your door.  Roofing solicitors after a hail storm is one of the biggest problems with our industry.  Most cities do not require any permits or

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Blown In Insulation & Animal Contamination Cleanup

  While we have always been a source for blown-in attic insulation, we have now teamed up with ALLGone Services to offer our clients help cleaning up the mess that animals leave behind in your attic.  One of the biggest

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Roof Repairs: Identifying Problem Spots

  When replacing your roof, there are several problem spots that you should know about.  The information shared herein discusses the most common areas.  Of course, there are some that are unforeseen but most problem spots are common from one roof to

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Selecting A Contractor – What To Look For

  If you are in need a new roof, researching the companies that you are considering is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Unfortunately, Roofers are a Dime-A-Dozen and many homeowners do not take it seriously. cloud

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Certified Roof Installers vs. Day Laborers

  A customer once asked me if I could “lower the price on my bid” because he assumed I was just using day laborers and paying them $10 per hour.  I kindly explained that we do not use day laborers

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Most roofing companies install roofs using pneumatic nail guns.  It’s faster, cheaper, and it’s considered the norm.  While some companies focus on a quick roof, a select few take a different approach to your project.  Hand nailing is somewhat of

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How Do I Stop The Solicitors & Roofers At My Door?

All the Solicitors at your door after a hail storm is one of the biggest problems with our industry.  Most cities do not require any permits or background checks.  Add that to the amount of Roofers in the industry and

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New Law regarding contractors and public adjusters

Several people living in Keller, Southlake, Haslet, and other areas of the metroplex will be getting their roof replaced over the next several weeks and there have recently been legal changes to what a roofing contractor can and can not

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