Certified Roof Installers vs. Day Laborers

A customer once asked me if I could “lower the price on my bid” because he assumed I was just using day laborers and paying them $10 per hour. I kindly explained that we do not use day laborers for our roof installations and he hung up. Quality is not always in the cards. I have driven by and inspected many faulty installations and some really poor workmanship through the years and can only assume that someone on that project did not know what he was doing.

Since there are not licensing requirements in the state of Texas, anybody can be a roofer. But what are the legitimate companies doing to compete with these “Doopty Doops”? Well most legitimate roofing contractors will obtain formal training for their project managers, sales managers, and crew members. Roofing is by no means rockets science, but there is a science to installing a roof properly. All too often, we see day laborers who think it’s just a matter of taking off shingles and installing the new ones. Instead of removing the old shingles, they overlay. server information. salesforce service cloud. Or perhaps they remove the shingles but leave the old felt on which eliminates the opportunity to properly inspect the roof deck. They avoid hand nailing and use pneumatic guns without thoroughly inspecting the calibration and shoot the nails into the wrong spot on the shingle.

A few weeks or months later, the shingles begin sliding off the roof as pictured above. dns server When you try to call your cheap roofer back to fix the problem, his phone no longer works or he’s back in his home state. You get what you pay for. Everyone knows that bit of advice but for some reason, some fail to follow it. Always research your roofer. If you can’t find any information about them online at the NTRCA’s website (North Texas Roofing Contractors Association), then they may either be a new business or not legitimate. Check to see if they have an actual brick & mortar address and not operating from their home. Check their address on Google maps or stop by for a visit.

Although using certified crews, paying rent for a brick and mortar address, and being a member of invaluable organizations does in fact cost money, we legitimate roofing contractors do it because it is the right way to operate a business and be available for our clients. It’s about making the customer’s life as stress-free as possible and many companies do want to make that possible. If you’re going through hail, we can help