Window Installation & Repair in Dallas Ft. Worth

What do your windows say about your home? Are they dirty, old and cracked? Do they let in enough light or do they leak water and air? Don’t let windows become a liability for the next storm or homeowner.

Super Roofman offers a variety of window services for residential customers in Dallas and Fort Worth. Our team can replace outdated, energy inefficient and damaged windows. We build custom windows for new or existing installations. Our crew can also replace and install screens, damaged by a storm or long term use. Finally, we powerwash and clean exterior siding and windows for a refreshed look.

New Window Installation

Super Roofman is experienced at framing new windows, for new construction or home additions. Our crew can build large bay windows, to picture and geometric accent windows for added curb appeal. We offer standard and custom sizes and work with a variety of local suppliers for the best material price and look.Window Services

Window Replacement

Replacing windows adds value to a home, prevents water leaks and saves energy. For old homes with single pane windows, it could even be cheaper to replace than keep. Energy Star rated windows save an average of $266 per year, over single pane glass in Texas.

Window panes can be replaced, if damaged in a storm or broken from backyard play. Glass panes provide a classic look, but are heavy and difficult to install at large sizes. Plastic panes are cheaper and come in a variety of options, tints and odd sizes.

Window frames can also be replaced. Most older homes rely on wooden frames that can expand in the relentless Texas heat. Vinyl windows are one of the most popular choices for a new frame. They look great, are energy efficient and match vinyl siding.