How Do I Stop Solicitors and Roofers from Knocking on My Door?

If you live in Decatur, TX, you might be getting overwhelmed with roofers at your door. Roofing solicitors after a hail storm is one of the biggest problems with our industry. Most cities do not require any permits or background checks. Add that to the amount of Roofers in the industry and you get tons of knocks and marketing materials. There are many problems in the roofing industry that need to be fixed and this is certainly one that not only homeowners wish to eliminate, but roofing companies as well. The sad truth is, many homeowners will hire the salesman who comes to their door. Because Door-to-Door sales has been an effective pro-active form of selling for a long time, companies still use it. But if you do not want to hire someone “on-the-spot” and like to research the companies you do business with, here is a big tip to eliminate the solicitations:

Print or hand-type a note that specifically asks the roofers and contractors not to knock on your door. The “No Solicitor” signs that you buy at the store do not always work but a note specifying roofers and contractors should do the trick. I do encourage you to allow their marketing material to be left on the door (unless you have already selected a contractor) This will allow you to shop around for a company who may install a better product or utilize a better installation technique like hand-nailing. If you have already selected a contractor, you might specify “No Marketing Material” on your note as well.

Many companies will encourage you to “sign up today” and they will put a yard sign in your yard to help “call off the wolves”. This may help reduce the amount of individuals at your door but it could also encourage solicitors to knock your door because they may feel you are ready to make a decision and hire them if they promise a better deal.

Another mistake homeowners often make is hiring and completing their project quickly to end the whole solicitor problem. While this philosophy can work out okay, in many cases it could also lead to hiring the wrong company. Research, Research, Research. It is very important in our industry. Here are a few association websites you can visit to research the companies you are considering:

    • RCAT (Roofing Contractor’s Association of Texas) – This is a great resource because it will list which companies are licensed by RCAT. Since the state of Texas does not require licensing in the roofing industry, RCAT is a great starting point. You can narrow down your search from the sites listed below.
    • NTRCA (North Texas Roofing Contractors Association) – The companies that are truly local and established will be members of this organization. In addition, the NTRCA has the strictest guidelines for their Roofers above any other organization in North Texas. There are no licensing requirements to be a roofing contractor in the state of Texas, so an organization like the NTRCA is especially helpful. In fact, If you don’t use Super Roofman, please use someone who is a member of the NTRCA.
    • BBB Fort Worth – Just about anyone with a business name can be a member of the BBB, however it is still a great source for homeowners to check out…just in case the company you are considering has unresolved complaints that have been filed with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Angie’s List – Angie’s List has some minimal requirements of their contractors and it is a great source to see detailed testimonials or complaints about roofing contractors, however they do charge homeowners an annual membership fee.

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